‘The Freaks are a lonely band of misfits, trapped in a Victorian sideshow known as Plumpscuttle’s Peculiars. There’s Sheba, a kind-hearted, wolf-girl with an amazing sense of smell; Sister Moon, an ex-assassin; and Monkey Boy, hygienically challenged but nimble and quick-witted. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

The winner of The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2011, Freaks is a richly imagined gothic mystery set in the grime of Victorian London.’

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Freaks on the Chicken House website

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“Thrilling, original, full of zest and wit.” — THE LONDON TIMES

“It’s a page-turning adventure that gets under your skin- and up your nose.”  THE DAILY MIRROR

“Freaks was an exciting, funny, and strange book–and definitely in a good way.” The Reviews News

“Freaks is a gem of a novel.”

“A fun and unique story that I thoroughly enjoyed” Books in Bloom

“You had me at “Weirdest. Crime Fighters. Ever.” I gotta tell you, Scholastic wasn’t lying. These are in fact the weirdest crime fighters I’ve ever heard of.” YA Books Central

Freaks is pretty much everything a 10 year old reader could ask for in a story… it is funny, exciting and nail-biting in equal measures, with a plot that races along.’ The Book Zone

‘Be an early adopter and read Freaks before it becomes a bestseller!’  Love Reading 4 kids

‘Set in a grimy, gothic Victorian London of grave-robbers and child-snatchers, with a hint of steampunk, this action-packed story makes for an atmospheric and exciting read.’ Booktrust

‘Freaks is all about the little things that make it a special read.’ SisterSpooky Book Fangirl 

‘A funny, fast-paced and thoroughly engaging book, Freaks is far better than the blurb on the back would have you believe, and you’ll hope for a sequel.’ Kidsreadbooks

‘…a keen sense for jet-propelled adventure, evocative scene-setting and strong, memorable characters. It’s a thoroughly modern ripping yarn.’ We Love This Book

‘Larwood’s world is full of adventure and mystery and I think any child in the 11+ bracket would love this book. The humour had me laughing out loud and the danger had me hoping that Sheba and her friends would be ok.’ Readaraptor