I was born in Kenya, but only lived there for a year before moving back to the UK.  I lived in Norwich and Wales, before finally ending up on the Isle of Wight when I was 8.  I still live there now, although I did escape for several years.  I even lived in London for a while.  My brother is Marek Larwood, the TV comedian, and I am apparently a distant relative of Harold Larwood, the famous cricketer.  (Although I can’t bowl for toffee).

I work as a Reception class teacher at a small Primary school, but my passion has always been writing stories– although a heavy workload and young family mean that I only have an hour or so, in between planning for school and collapsing into bed, to do it.  A few years ago I started writing a story about a group of Victorian sideshow freaks and, after several rejections and lots of rewrites, I entered it into the Times/Chicken House competition for 2011.  Somehow it won.

For more information, please check out the ‘Books‘ and Blog pages.  I also have a page on my agent’s website (The Blair Partnership).  Thanks for stopping by.